Monday, January 29, 2007



Hello, my name is Bruce Rutkoski. I am the owner of Natureguy Studio. My background is in audio recording, electronic engineering, automotive mechanics, business, and mechanical engineering. I wanted to start this blog to open up some debate and concerns for subjects that just don’t get enough attention in the mainstream media or are largely misunderstood. I also would like to use this blog to discuss things other than issues, such as news from Natureguy Studio, neat places to visit for spectacular wildlife experiences, and more.

I guess I was always an environmentalist at heart since I was a kid, only my family and friends knew that though. I did some volunteer work for the local park districts and the Nature Conservancy in the past. It was really fun work, like deer censuses, owl surveys, bird banding, and invasive species clean up. I love the outdoors and have a deep appreciation for the beautiful order of nature. As a nature recording engineer, I see the effects of human impact on the environment first hand throughout the USA. Often times, I feel like I am in a race to capture the sounds of the birds and animals before their sounds go quiet, or they are drowned out by the noise of man. I have memories of what the Spring woods sounded like when I was very young, and every year since, it has gotten quieter. In my travels I have found a few places that still have that wonderful sound that I remember as a kid. I hope my recordings will not be enjoyable to those who already enjoy nature, but also inspire people to stop, listen, and understand that we share this little blue planet, called Earth, with lot of other important floral and fauna.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and share the information freely.

Thanks and take care

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